The Kaikaha story

In 1977 Mike Alston started working on scientific and technical aspects of Repco Engineering Foundry. In 1985 he became General Manager of Hayes Metal Refineries, a non-ferrous ingot manufacturer.

After many years as General Manager, followed by 2 years of travelling, Mike formed Metcast Services Ltd in 1997. Metcast specialised in delivering products and services to the NZ Molten Metal industries.

In 2013 Hibiscus agencies was purchased and rebranded to Hibiscus Solutions. This provided Metcast with the opportunity to diversify into industries that had an upward-trending future.

In 2018 Hibiscus Solutions moved into brand new offices in Highbrook. It was at this time that the Kaikaha group was formed. With several trading brands in one location, it became important to unify the group. The group had to be significant. It had to hold great meaning, it had to be something that all our people could relate to and feel deep inside, to their very core.

The meaning behind Kaikaha

Kaikaha reflects us as a company and our drive to create opportunities for our people and the community. Kaikaha was offered to us by prominent Taranaki elder and scholar Ruakere Hond. Within Reo Māori, Kaikaha is used as one, unhyphenated word. The word Kaikaha is strongly related to other terms such as whaikaha and taikaha. These terms talk about inner strength and inner abilities or power. When used as a single, unhyphenated word, the term Kaikaha positively focuses on being driven, motivated, enthusiastic, eager and progressive in achieving a collective goal.

We are proud to be given this special Reo Maori word to lead our Group, Company, Charitable Trust, Building name. Kaikaha clearly shows our connection to Aotearoa, the Pacific, Australia and the sustainability of our land and people.

Our People

Mike Alston worked in Metcast for 18 months before starting to add the people that would enable Metcast to become a dominant supplier of ingredients and technical expertise in the New Zealand foundry industry. For six years from August 2000, Mike and shareholders Steph and Gordon formed the heart of Metcast, building relationships with New Zealand customers and finding quality suppliers of an extensive range of foundry ingredients. From the growth of Metcast, purchase and amalgamation with Hibiscus Solutions, our people have been the difference that created the strong identity and brand that we have today.

Our people provide energy, focus, technical knowledge, friendship, fun and action. Our business thrives with this connection and commitment to Hibiscus Solutions, which centres our sense of purpose. Our people support, collaborate and celebrate with each other to ensure the success of Hibiscus Solutions, their customers, suppliers and our community.

Our Facilities

Located in the heart of Highbrook our modern offices in Business Parade South are home to the Kaikaha Group. Our warehouse is an MPI-approved transitional facility with ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 certifications. Hibiscus Solutions’ internal quality and food safety systems are based on FSANZ and MPI requirements.

Our facility has elevated racking, a dedicated food storage site and a chilled container, with 3-phase power, for storage of goods below warehouse temperature.

We efficiently maintain our ISO standards via a continuous Plan-Do-Check-Action (PDCA) circular process. This process is followed in our daily activities, is validated periodically and reviewed annually when updating strategic goals. Our strict Quality Management ensures Hibiscus Solutions is reliable, durable and provides excellence in customer service.

Our Health and Safety committee meets bimonthly, with a monthly Health and Safety audit conducted internally. By continuously following health and safety guidelines, Hibiscus Solutions maintains a safe work environment.

Hibiscus Solutions has long-standing partnerships with multiple 3PL warehouses across New Zealand. These partnerships are customer focused. By having access to multiple warehouses, we can supply both DG and non-DG goods, hold larger stock for our customers, provide shorter freight times for South Island customers and reduce customer freight costs.


In 2022 Hibiscus Solutions embarked on a rebranding journey. This included updating and modernising our visual identity and redesigning and growing our digital footprint. Each step taken during the process required input and information from multiple people. While the task was mammoth, the experience of rebranding gave us the opportunity to further unify the team and recognize the value of our brand identity.